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Chris Gillen and Andy Boulton first met in a dingy rehearsal studio in Detroit Michigan when Andy was looking for a vocalist for Tokyo Blade. They became firm friends and Brothers and Chris joined Andy on a European tour with Blade.


Circumstances caused them to temporarily part company soon after until Chris rejoined Blade a few years later following the Blade album "1000 Men Strong" and the departure of Nick Ruhnow. Following some European festivals, they toured South America together but following that tour, Chris left Blade again owing to the logistics of travelling between the USA and Europe. Blade's original vocalist Alan Marsh reunited with the band and Tokyo Blade went on to record their latest album "Unbroken."

In the meantime Andy and Chris had been busy writing material and with distance being no object in the technological age, they decided to press on with getting it finished. Much time elapsed due to other commitments but FINALLY "Legend has it . . ." has seen the light of day. All instruments were recorded  in Andy's home studio where he was aided and abetted by his old friend and fellow "Villain" Nick Stone on Bass and the recording of Chris' vocals and the mixing and mastering were COMPLETED BY PRODUCER AND engineer Kevin Sharpe at Metro 37 studios in Rochester Hills, Michigan, mixing & mastering taking place at the world famous Abbey Road studios in London. 

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